Dead Songs

by Cigarette Smoke

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Recorded at FFOYA House Studios in Bowling Green, Ky by the wonderful Toby Fatzinger in October 2015

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released November 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Cigarette Smoke Bowling Green, Kentucky

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Track Name: Ruffalo Brodeo
I don't remember conversations, dates or names, important faces or the streets I lived on.
They all just roll right off of my back;
So how can I recall that I don't recollect all of that?

Your cheeks were flushed when I had played all the words left in my hand. "I fold" hovered in the air and choked me out when you had left.

Your feet point towards mile markers and the rest stop restrooms you wish you'd never visited
Because you don't resemble your reflection or its refracted intentions
but I think you'll find no better parallel than yourself

I hope that you're making steadfast progress on yourself
Track Name: Fishing
we were idling in Sarah's car forever
we'd always reiterate our distaste for everything
and how we both wished that this place would extinguish
but I remember when illumination stopped existing

and how the lines of this city began to read like bad poetry

I cannot reinstate a tenth of the emotion
and I cannot resurrect this rigor mortis addled corpse

we were in Tyler's car, punch drunk with facial scars
leather jacket acapella... I can't remember the rest
but I know that on Pilot Rock the Fates weren't smiling bright
and through tear soaked pick-me-ups our hearts dissolved in our guts

voting is hard and climbing is even worse
choices grinding against the blood soaked grounds
and even if we never register again
i'll still think of your last grin and move past what was within it

we fall in love with ghosts and then we fall right into what we love
Track Name: Boys of Summer
constantly redefine every segment on the lines you've drawn. breaking off your loose syllables just to keep your lips warm.

haunting through your house, or maybe Alvaton, caught up in another cigarette (we both know that you won't quit).

cauterize every word that your mother has ever said. she came back after nine months just to pretend that she's not dead.

still haunting through your house, or maybe Alvaton, and I'm NOT going to miss your hands, getting caught up in themselves, when you sleep.

you're keeping secrets away from your friends and everyone else.

i'm sorry i made you lose all of your control over everything but at least you know that I'm not sorry we're lost, moving closer to nothingness.

getting lost in the void.
Track Name: Lionslicer
You were listening to
Some old Death Cab when
The longest drag
Flew from your mouth

You were so glad that all of your breaths were shortening
So that all of your words were weighed down

With all the effort that couldn't grace such simple rhetoric

I won't live up to my potential
Just to hear you say that I could
And your hair's getting so comfortable
Now you'll cut all the dead ends that confine you
Track Name: D.H.S.
my heart is beating
for the first time in my life
but I wouldn't say
i'm quite relieved by this crimson burden
awake from slumbering

I hope it taps out
before this next breath drags on just a little too long

but already we're like sleeping dogs
and your hands felt just like me
with no way to get across that feeling
to you that's alright because i'm smiling at you
and that warmth must be what my heart is breathing in right now

I don't think that I can tap out
you seem so goddamn reliant on my heart to breathe
to carry you through everything

does that make you happy?
does that make you anything (more than some broken heart's afterbirth)
I don't know
I don't know.